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The Autumn edition of PARENT TIME is out now!

Wow, it's wonderful to bring to you our fully-fledged digital edition, by that I mean an edition with easily viewable links inside so you can read the content as if you were reading a Kindle and it's mobile-friendly. CLICK TO READ

In this edition we explore the positive things that can be taken from lockdown, we look at great ideas for places to visit locally written by Nikki Squires, author of the Wild Guide Central England, we hear crafty ideas from Rutland artist Sally Renner and salivate over a delicious sweet S'more recipe we know our kids will love! 

We explore the meaning of 'Self-care' and discuss whether it's achievable. As ever, there's a What's on section for Rutland and Stamford. The groups are still on our Parent time website, but it not in the magazine - as it's a case of calling to find out what's happening because of our changing world. It's great to be able to bring this to you, I hope you enjoy it!

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