Pint-Sized trips gives 5 good local pubs for parents

Started by Si Gamble, with a little help from his two daughters, Dixie and Wilma, champions the good pubs for parents.

Sugar and Spice and all things nice.
Is there really such a thing as healthy cakes?

If you’re anything like me, motherhood has meant that I’ve developed a habit of going to cafes to ‘do coffee (and sometimes cake)’. The reason I do it is for my own sanity. Whilst being unquestionably busy with children, I’ll often get a rising feeling that I’m going slightly bananas with lack of adult conversation and have a growing need to escape ‘the house’.

Everyone’s different though, but I’m guessing by the sheer volume of parents I see in coffee shops that I’m not alone. After all, there’s no harm in having a little of what you fancy, but juxtaposed to this is my desire to stay healthy and for my children to be healthy (as they munch away at their chocolate brownies, and flapjacks!). All good intentions.

Put the kettle on

There’s a plethora of eateries and cafes in Stamford and Rutland, and surrounding areas - we are very fortunate to have such a wide choice. Here’s just a few that are well worth a visit in my opinion. I’ve noted family-friendly ones, with baby changing facilities - and wide/big enough for prams.

Eat a Rainbow

‘Eat a Rainbow’ in healthy eating terms is a seemingly light-hearted phrase to encourage a higher intake of fruit and vegetables. We asked local Nutritionist Louisa Gregory about why ‘colour’ in our diet is important.

‘Brain Food’

We all want our children to be healthy and happy, intelligent and resourceful. We know that healthy eating and nutrition forms an important part of that. We talk to Stamford Nutritionist Louisa Gregory about the specific foods we can give our pre-school and school-aged kids to help their brain function, memory and concentration.

Gimme S'more

Who said you can’t have pizza for dessert? Indulge in a little slice of heaven with this S’more dessert-style pizza recipe - perfect to make with the kids! Florence Moore, the Recipe Developer at recipe box company Gousto, has shared this delicious dessert pizza recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth and pizza craving... you know it's going to be good!

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