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Nearly a third of low-income households are in arrears

A recent survey shows that the pandemic has had a profound impact on families ability to manage and pay for essential household bills.

Nearly a third of low-income households are in arrears

Nearly a 3rd of low-income households are in arrears according to the survey by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation - a figure which has tripled since the pandemic.

With this worrying trend, finding out what you are entitled to is really important. It can be so confusing, so we’ve listed out a few government web pages to take a look at for some key financial aid.

Whilst being often complicated to understand, it can be so worth trying to get your head around all the details. Here’s just a few useful places to know about.

  • Universal Credit helps with living costs. It’s paid monthly in GB as Scotland have slightly different rules. If you are on a low income, and cannot work you may be entitled to this. Go to for details.

  • Council Tax Help and Housing Support - if you are eligible for help, you’ll have to talk to your local council, type in your post code on the link below to find out who you should be in touch with in your council:

  • Help to pay your mortgage interest. If you are a mortgage homeowner, you might be eligible for help towards your interest payment on your mortgage or on loans you’ve taken out for certain repairs and home improvements to your home. More details

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