Let's get crafting - “Mum, can we do painting?”

When you hear those words spring from your little darling’s mouth, do you reach for the brushes before the words are through? Or does your heart sink with dread. Crafting with children certainly seems to split people in a way that makes politics and savoury spreads seem uniting. But if you are a naysayer, a reluctant maker, a paint-phobe, there may be ways that keep you in your comfort zone while you satisfy your child’s creative desires.

Small but perfectly formed

The Little Lane Nursery is a boutique nursery providing childcare for children between the ages of six weeks and five years old.

Reception: What to expect

Starting Reception is a huge step for your child. It is a lovely time but also it can be daunting for
the parents as much as the child.

Look who's talking

“A child who struggles to speak may struggle to access the curriculum.”

Home schooling tips from Oxford Home Schooling:

Home schooling tips from Greg Smith, head of operations at Oxford Home Schooling:

Thinking outside the box

When confronted with the unpredictable world, we need people with the ability to problem-solve, to be creative, and think differently. These skills are shaped and nurtured from a very young age. No one appreciates this more than Lucy Lewin, owner of Little Angels in Uppingham. [Advertorial]

The big pause - lessons learned from lockdown

Lockdown – that thunderbolt from the blue – forcing us overnight to radically change the way we live our lives, as workers, parents, and families. Learning to work from home, home-school our kids, and having our social interactions confined to the pixels of a computer screen.

Witham Hall appoints new head

It feels like exciting times for Witham Hall, as a new era is ushered in with the arrival of Head, William Austen. Austen enthusiastically joins Witham hall and takes the helm of a thriving school.

Give reassurance to your child

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on young people's lives. Not being able to go to school and see friends means many have lost their support network.

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