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Top 9 Products For Summer Outdoor Learning And Play

School may be coming to an end for the summer, but the opportunities for children to learn from their environment are endless. While your little ones have definitely earned a much-needed break from the classroom, their learning won’t stop over the summer holidays, and this can be enhanced by simply being outdoors and being curious.

Top 9 Products For Summer Outdoor Learning And Play

Local parks, nature reserves and even your own garden have countless animals and plants for you and your child to interact with. Sometimes all you need is some advice on how to do so respectfully and the right tools to find them. Helpfully, the RSPB has created a product guide to give you a helping hand.

So, whether your child has an interest in squirrels, flowers, birds or bugs, this guide will help keep them, entertained and engaged this summer.

Bees and butterflies wildflower seed pack, £6.00

It is important that we take care of our pollinators. After all, they do take care of us, with a third of the food we eat depending on pollination. Be kind to the butterflies and bees this summer while adding some colour to your garden with this affordable seed pack.

Not only does sowing seeds provide an opportunity to talk about the importance of bees, butterflies and other pollinators, but your green-fingered children also have the potential to learn about seeds and how things grow.

Puffin Jr Children’s Binoculars, £27.00

If your child is a twitcher in the making, a pair of child-friendly binoculars can provide them with hours of fun over the summer holidays. Whether staying at home or travelling abroad, there is plenty of wildlife to be seen by simply looking up.

Though brightly coloured and fun-looking, these Puffin Jr Children’s Binoculars have the build quality of adult binoculars. They are also lightweight, making them perfect for smaller hands.

RSPB Nature Guide: Birds, £8.99

An ideal accompaniment to the Puffin Jr binoculars is Catherine Brereton’s Nature Guide: Birds. This book will allow your child to identify different birds through their distinctive features and behaviours.

With beautiful and detailed illustrations, the guide also takes you through different habitats and seasonal species, making this book a tool that can be used in all seasons.

RSPB Nature Guide: Wildlife, £8.99

Brereton’s nature guide for wildlife takes your child’s curiosity and exploration one step further! The book explores 195 different animals, plants and other wildlife that can be found locally.

From foxes to foxgloves, the comprehensive guide is perfect for children to read by themselves or with an adult (depending on their age). A winner for any child interested in biology or animals, this guide will help to open up the world of wildlife for your little ones.

RSPB Minibeast Viewer, £3.99

When interacting with wildlife, it is important to be careful and above all else respectful. RSPB’s minibeast viewer allows you to magnify local plants and animals to observe them, before returning them to their habitat. This microscope viewer will introduce your child to the beauty and detail of minibeasts and inspire a newfound curiosity for the natural world.

The combined container and microscope make this a perfect gift for beginners and younger children under supervision. Especially as it is very simple to handle and clean, meaning that older children can easily take charge.

Adventurers pocket microscope, £5.99

Similar to the minibeast viewer, this pocket microscope allows you to get up close and personal with nature. However, with 55x magnification, this microscope is ideal for older children.

The LED-lit microscope also comes with a handy case to keep it safe and dry on your adventures, making it the perfect travelling companion for summer camping trips or hikes.

RSPB Woodland Animals Top Trumps, £5.99

What is more fun than games? RSPB’s Woodland Animal’s Trumps combine the wonder of woodland animal facts with the fun of card games. Playable by 2-6 people, it is an easy group activity and perfect for rainy days.

Whether played with family or friends, this will encourage an inquisitive mind as questions like “how long do red deer live?” are answered in the throwes of friendly competition.

Dewdrop bee biome with wildflower seeds, £23.99

Bees account for the majority of the earth’s pollination. They’re kind of a big deal. So it would be little wonder if your child wanted to know more about such an important creature. Even if they are not particularly fascinated by bees, this dewdrop biome and wildflower seed set may pique their interest.

The wildflowers attract bees to your garden whilst the biome, filled with nesting tubes, provides them with a home. Plus, the biome is made with environmentally-friendly FSC-certified timber, so, you can bee-watch with total peace of mind.

RSPB Silhouette classic apex nest box, £19.99

Nest boxes are a good way to encourage wildlife to enter your garden, making it more easily accessible for viewing. This classic apex nest box is made from FSC-certified timber, which insulates it in cold weather and keeps it cool during the summer. Perfect for small birds looking to start a family and a perfect opportunity for your child to witness the spectacle of baby birds growing up. While creating a new home for birds in your garden, adults and children can talk about the importance of habitats and homes for wildlife or perhaps discuss why birds migrate across the world?

Are you inspired to dive into nature this summer holidays?

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