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Uh Oh Milo! The Tantrum Trolls: A New Adventure in the Uh Oh Milo! Collection

Author Kate Wogan has launched a new picture-book tackling the issue of toddler tantrums

Uh Oh Milo! The Tantrum Trolls: A New Adventure in the Uh Oh Milo! Collection

Friday 1st April 2022, UK - Today, children’s author and mum of two, Kate Wogan, launched the latest book in the Uh Oh Milo! Collection; Uh Oh Milo! The Tantrum Trolls. Illustrated by Helen Faulkner, the book follows the adventures of Milo, his sister Mary and their magical Granny as they meet the Tantrum Trolls and learn that words can be more powerful than screaming and shouting.

Each picture-book in the Uh Oh Milo! series is designed to ‘make manners fun’. The educational but fun filled stories are aimed at children aged 5 and under.  Each book focuses on a different issue and feature various Mischief Makers that are on a mission to get their own way and cause trouble. The collection is a great way to engage children in the joy of reading and introduces important topics that open up new conversations for adults and children.

So far, the range has featured The Gobbling Goblins, The Beastly Bogels and The Impolite Imps and, in this fourth instalment, Milo, Mary and their magical Granny meet The Tantrum Trolls whilst shopping for school. The tired Tantrum Trolls have had enough and cause chaos all around them. Thankfully, Granny uses her magic to calm them down, allowing them to communicate rather than  throwing a tantrum.

When Kate and Helen started working on the Uh Oh Milo! books, they sought input from a child psychologist to ensure the colours, fonts, flow and tone would appeal to toddlers and younger children. Their aim is to encourage carers to discuss life lessons with children at a young age, in a fun and lively way that they can understand, making it easier for them to apply to everyday situations.

Speaking of her inspiration behind the book, Kate added: “For me, creating the Uh Oh Milo! books was all about finding a fun and creative way to talk about manners and behaviours with my children. I took my inspiration for the Mischief Makers from mythical characters, dreamt up by my grandmother.  Combining these with Helen’s stunning artwork makes it much easier to keep children engaged.   The range has already helped many parents tackle manners with their children and now the Tantrum Trolls are here to help them too.”

“Tantrums in particular can be troublesome to deal with and we’ve all had red-faced moments in public trying to calm our children down. I hope Milo, Mary, Granny and a sprinkle of magic can help!”

Sue Atkins, Parenting Expert also shared her opinion on Uh Oh Milo! The Tantrum Trolls: “Tantrums are every parent’s worst nightmare and they come in all shapes and sizes. Children aged one to three are striving for independence, but they don’t yet have the social, emotional or language capabilities to communicate efficiently. What I do is give parents the knowledge and tools they need to help their child or children manage their emotions and feel independent.”

“Children are amazing and can understand more than we give them credit for, therefore it’s important for parents to have big conversations in a way that is suitable for little people, and one effective way to do this in through literature. Read, read and read some more! The Uh Oh Milo! picture books are a great example of how we can communicate important messages to our children in a fun and imaginative way.”

Uh Oh Milo! The Tantrum Trolls is available now, RRP £7.99, from where you can also buy the other books in the range and a selection of Uh Oh Milo! merchandise.

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