Exercising with Baby

Back to school: Keep smiling and here are 10 tips to improve working parents’ mental wellbeing

The kids are back in school today... so it's hooray for many!  But today, I have mixed feelings as I write this. Working for yourself, and working at home during this pandemic can be a lonely business and now the kids are back, all you can hear is 'quiet' .... and whilst fab, I personally can't help feeling a little bit 'lonely and what next'. So here are some tips for working parents, that may help with parents' mental wellbeing, shared by  Simply Business

Taking ‘Micro-Moments for Me’

Parents are encouraged to prioritise their own self-care by taking ‘Micro-Moments for Me’  – small every day moments for themselves that can be harnessed to recharge, de-stress and maintain mental and physical wellbeing.

This Morning’s GP, first-time mum, and eco-champion Sara Kayat (also ambassador for WaterWipes) talks about having her baby in lockdown, tips to stay sane in this crazy time, and why being an eco-friendly parent is important.

Sara gave birth to her first baby in the bath! Unimaginable for most, the circumstances and challenges of lockdown had led Sara to choose a home birth, but it was an even bigger surprise when her baby came early in the bath. I asked Sara how she felt about having her baby during lockdown?

“I had my baby in the first lockdown, and rules were changing quite quickly then. I wouldn’t have been able to have my partner at the birth, nor have the water birth I was hoping for. So I decided to have my baby at home. And actually, once I had made this decision, in a period that you are feeling out of control of so many things, I was really happy with it, and so pleased that I would be in an environment I knew. At home, I decorated the rooms with positive affirmations. I felt positive about it.”

It’s not easy being green if you’re a parent

I’ve been meaning to explore views on environmental issues surrounding parenting and sustainable products for a while now. It’s not nice to think that my little ones nappies have gone into landfill and may remain there for some years after - they were stinky at that time, I can’t imagine them now! Yet that said, I don’t think I can be the only one in thinking being environmentally friendly is easier said than done.

Buggyfit - builds your strength and fitness

For new mums, finding the time and the will to do exercise can be difficult. This is where Buggyfit really ‘fits’ in. It is an hour-long outdoor fitness class designed to help give mums postnatal exercise.

Too Busy for ‘Me-Time’? Here are some top suggestions for busy mums and dads.

If you are busy juggling work, and family life, it’s completely understandable that you feel you have to do mental gymnastics to find some of that coveted ‘ME-TIME’ in your schedule. Here are a few suggestions.

Keeping fit during and after pregnancy

World Duathlon Champion, Claire Steels who runs Steels Fitness based in Stamford and Majorca, talks about pre and post-pregnancy fitness.

Pilates: The benefits for new mums

So, you’ve had a rubbish night. Your baby hasn’t slept, you haven’t slept, you don’t even think you know your own name…does this sound familiar? Extreme tiredness – and its knock-on effects such as anxiety – are all-too common experiences for new mums.