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Wow! Vernon Kay completed his amazing, Ultra Marathon challenge in aid of Children in Need

Well done Vernon Kay! Hip HipHooray!

We've been following Vernon at Parent Time with his challenge, the ups and downs - to say it's been emotional, a real roller coaster is actually playing it down. Vernon Kay earned the title of a "legend" after successfully finishing an ultra-marathon, a journey which took the

BBC Radio 2 presenter a distance of 116 miles from Leicester to Bolton. In the process, he raised over four million pounds for Children In Need.

His journey spanned four days, culminating with a jog into Bolton Wanderers stadium and concluding this morning (November 17th). He was tired and emotional, and here at Parent Time HQ we were all emotional - his tenacity, strength of mind and willpower is amazing. Well done vernon, for the run, for the grit and for raising four million pounds, you're a real treasure.

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