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Turn Your Child Into The Hero Of Their Own Story

Imagine Me launches this week, is an innovative first-of-its-kind concept in children's book publishing that uses generative AI to turn photos of your child into the hero of their very own story. From courageous heroes to fantastic creatures, every book is an immersive journey created exclusively for them, placing them at the centre of the action and creating unique keepsakes. With a firm belief in the transformative power of imagination, Imagine Me was created to bring children's storytelling into the new age of AI. The founders are passionate about sparking children's love for reading. Each of these books places the child at the centre of the action taking children into a world where their dreams come alive, creating something they will treasure for a lifetime. This is just the beginning for co-founders Emma Margetts, Scott Winship and Matthieu Lepinay, who are working on an app version allowing for real-time interactive story creation. "We wanted to create something that captures the essence of each child. Imagine a storybook where your child, who loves netball, dinosaurs, horses or wizards, is the main character on a journey featuring their interests," said Emma Margetts. It's an immersive and interactive reading experience that encourages a love for books, reading, curiosity, and a broadening of the imagination." The personalisation process is where the true magic happens. It's so easy to create a book, simply upload a few photos of your child's face, and AI gets to work transforming favourite photos into illustrations seamlessly integrated into the story. "There is nothing more exciting for a child than reading a book featuring themselves. We love seeing the delight in a child when they see their actual faces as the hero of the story and the idea of children getting a book every year on their birthday or to celebrate special occasions. As they grow and their interests evolve, these storybooks will serve as beautiful momentos of their childhood journey, " says Emma. Security is paramount, and Imagine Me takes privacy very seriously. Photos are securely stored on an encrypted database. Images are only ever used to create a child's specific book and never used for general training of models. The pictures are deleted as soon as the book is made.

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