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Recent research suggests more than a quarter of Brits think being eco-friendly is impossible with a newborn.

The statistics showed that despite parents not always choosing ‘green’ options, they are still conscious of the impact of their purchasing choices. Two-thirds (64%) worry about the amount of landfill their child’s waste and wipes contribute to, and one-third of parents also admit to feeling judged by others for using single-use baby products.

Parents agreed it would be easier to be more eco-friendly if products were cheaper (65%) and more widely available to purchase in-store (38%). More than two-thirds (69%) of parents said they would use biodegradable wipes if they were available.

Stacey Solomon, TV personality, and mother-of-three is supporting BabyDove’s sustainability campaign. Stacey comments:

As a parent, I am so aware of every choice I make impacting the future world my children will live in when they grow up. With three children, it’s a constant cycle of wiping bums, loads of washing, and making snacks, so it's important for us to be as conscious as we possibly can in the choices that we make. I want to lead by example for my kids, making small changes like using refillable bottles, and finding things around the house that I can upcycle instead of throwing away can make a big difference.

My youngest pickle is one and any parent knows how easy it can be to rely on single-use products, even when we know we shouldn’t. It was one less thing to think about when I discovered BabyDovehad created Biodegradable Wipes which biodegrade in just six weeks, the same as an orange peel. Importantly, they’re affordable and hassle-free without compromising on quality and gentleness on baby skin.”

A note about:

Baby Dove Biodegradable Wipes

Made with 100% naturally derived plant fibres, the BabyDoveBiodegradable Wipes are hypoallergenic and have been dermatologically and paediatrically tested. Working to gently cleanse baby skin, these sustainable baby wipes leave skin feeling instantly cleansed, moisturised and baby soft.

BabyDoveBiodegradable Wipes are available in bulk-buy on Amazon, are roughly 2.6p per wipe, and they biodegrade in any environment in just six weeks, the same as an orange peel. 

Nikki Comiskey, Marketing Manager, Dove says:

At Dove, we believe in care that goes further: for our consumers as well as our planet, which is why we are committed to making all our plastic packaging reusable, recyclable, and compostable by 2025. Being more sustainable should not have to come at a cost and it’s with everything else to contend with, new parents looking to be more sustainable should not have to compromise. Our Baby Dove Biodegradable Wipes are a practical solution for parents looking to make small changes to reduce their waste consumption, without compromising on quality.”

[Research conducted amongst 2,000 adults with children under three between 26th February and 9th March 2020.]

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