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5 Tips to Keep Kids Happy Outside

In a recent article in Parent Time Spring, we have an article 'The Wild West (of Stamford) - by Nikki Squires which included these 5 tips to keep the kids happy when in the great outdoors. Perhaps you can adapt and do these in your garden. Other ideas welcome - please post in the group.

Make a ‘Nature Bracelet’ of masking tape, sticky side out, around their wrist to collect natural gems found along the route.

Scavenger Hunt: give them a list of 10 things to collect along the way: a feather, a seed pod, something rough, something smooth etc.

Pop 5 wrapped sweets into their pocket – it’s their choice when to eat them. Replace with a packet of carrot sticks for young children.

Create a piece of art work with objects found on the forest floor.

Paint various stones before you go and hide them for people to find another day. The #islastones cause is a worthy one to be involved with.

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