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How To Rule Your Kingdom Like A Lion

Self-doubt and self- limiting beliefs can stop even the very best of us from overcoming challenges in business life. Every day we are presented with obstacles that can prevent us from grabbing opportunities to create the life we want and that we truly deserve. A bold new book, launched by writer Terry Blackburn, ‘ Be a Lion’ addresses these issues and explains how you can change the way you think, to develop an unstoppable mindset, to overcome fears and push forward to succeed.

Author, Terry Blackburn, had a turbulent adolescence. He was drinking and taking drugs at just 12 years old and left school at 16 without any qualifications, written off by his teachers as a loser who’d never achieve anything in life. Fast forward 18 years and at just 33, Terry is an award-winning entrepreneur, running seven very successful businesses in property investing, life insurance and mortgage brokerage. Yet Terry, a hands-on dad of 3 (almost 4), still prioritizes his time to keep fit, eat well, and enjoy holidays, friends, reading, meditation and more. Terry believes that with the right mindset, anything and EVERYTHING is possible.

Being writer and dad of 3 is a balancing act, and takes prioritizing. Terry says:

“Sometimes on your to-do list you’ll have something that is pretty pointless or which you could give to somebody else, but you end up doing it anyway because it seems easier to do it yourself. People typically do the easy things first. But whether something is hard or easy, you should do the most important things that help you achieve your goals first. That’s how I prioritize what I do every day. I work solely on one task until it’s done, so I won’t get distracted. It’s just about planning every single day and prioritizing what I’m doing. I then aim to have tunnel vision on one task until it’s done.

I do the same for my family time. My diary is blocked out in 15-minute slots and that includes the time I spend with my kids and partner. If it’s time to be with them, I rarely break that appointment and I stay focussed on the task of being a dad and partner. It’s all about prioritizing and sticking to your priorities. There is no point in being successful in business if you aren’t there for your family.”

Terry Blackburn is an award winning entrepreneur and author of Be A Lion out now, priced £14.99 available on Amazon.

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