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Hints and Tips

In the light of developments with COVID-19 Homeschooling will become an important part of life at the moment.

In light of recent COVID-19, Parent Time has been sent a number of articles with helpful information about homeschooling.


This press release from Greg Smith, Oxford Home Schooling.

“If you had a hundred home educators in a room, each of them would likely have a different approach, but there are a number of things you can do to get the most out of homeschooling.”

Full press release

30 day Lego challenge - children can let their imagination run wild with challenges to make lego scenes. Available here


Jo Wicks PE sessions - The Body Coach Joe Wicks has announced he will be holding live daily PE lessons for kids to help keep children fit and healthy while they are not at school during the coronavirus pandemic. Link to Joe Wicks YouTube Video

Timetables are simple and clear to use seem to be a good way to add structure to a 'home school day'. A link to an example is found here

Great activities are available on TWINKL for free for a month, enter UKTWINKLHELPS go here

Victoria Plumbing make DIY suggestions to keep the kids entertained this easter Easter


Useful Websites:

BBC Teach

BBC Bitesize

Phonics Play



BBC Bitesize

Oxford Home Schooling


Cosmic Kids Yoga With Coronavirus, Phonics play is going to be free for children. Username: march20

Password: home. The site can be

Example of their resources are below.

Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 17.27.54.png
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