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Mums are encouraged to reflect and push pause on their daily lives

It's a tough but rewarding gig being a mum. Whilst you love your children, you know your life has changed when you consider nipping to the toilet or going to the supermarkets on your 'own' for just a few minutes as a way to take 'time out'! And I'd think you'd agree, these past few years have been tough on us all.

The stresses of being a mum have been heightened significantly with everything else that's going on. Previous 'go-to' places to get essential head space have just been less accessible. That's why co-founders Emily and Georgie set up Mummy Coaches, as they realised that mothers  want and crave time and space to push pause on their daily routine. 

 Mums are encouraged to reflect and push pause on their daily lives

Mummy Coaches runs mummy retreats so that pre and post natal mothers can self-reflect and reconnect with themselves in a beautiful and serene atmosphere whilst having their children with them.

"We understand that physical and mental wellbeing is of the utmost importance to living a healthy life" says Emily, who is a trained Norland Nanny, Maternity Nurse, Sleep and Breastfeeding Consultant,  with over 10 years of experience working with families.

Emily continues "We believe in order for a mother to look after her family, she has to look after herself. Our retreats will give the opportunity to reboot while knowing your child is in the safe hands of our Norland Nannies."

Being an all-too often 'exhausted' mum,  the idea of retreats sound good. They aim to support mums and their children by creating a healthy mindset along with having time out from their day to day lives.  Fitness plays an integral part of the workshops, which is an important and often overlooked part of  support mums need.  Co-founder, Georgie who is passionate about sharing her love of health and fitness, and is a personal trainer of pre-and postnatal fitness says " I include exercise as a fundamental element of the workshops and retreat.  I want to shares my fitness knowledge with mums, to make sure they feel comfortable exercising during and after pregnancy. "

Georgie continues 'We educate women about pre and postnatal exercise.  And importantly, how to do it safely, and how they can fit it into their day to day life one they have a little one in their life’

The workshops are held at Piper House Barn, a beautiful granary located in Aunby Stamford, right in the heart of the countryside and close to the idyllic and popular Rutland Water. The children have their own open plan creche upstairs at Piper house where they will be able to enjoy lots of fun activities. Food is prepared with local, and fresh produce.

(Below photo of Piper House Barn, located in Aunby Stamford close to idyllic Rutland Water.)

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