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Co-Parenting Apps | What are the Pros and Cons

Co-parenting can be difficult, but the most important thing is the children involved feeling safe, supported, and loved, says Chris Brown, Hegarty's Head of Family Law.

Co-Parenting Apps | What are the Pros and Cons

Problems between co-parents often occur due to a lack of communication and an inevitable complicated diary. Who’s on pick-up duty, when they have swimming lessons, who is on holiday when, what weekends are they staying with me, who needs to pay for their new school shoes, etc. All of these various activities become harder when co-parenting, but some of this is now being made easier by co-parenting apps.

There are now numerous apps online that co-parents can download to make the situation more manageable.

Pros and Cons

Pros of co-parenting apps

Sync up calendars and schedules

Log and track expenses

Store critical documents e.g., legal agreements and medical records

Make requests to the other party

Pay child support

Receive reminders for important dates

Connect with professionals like counsellors etc.

Can make co-parenting easier to navigate

Ensure parenting time plans are agreed and enforced

Reduces amount of conflict and time spent in court rooms or mediation

Messages cannot be modified and they are date and time stamped – can help to reduce aggressive or insulting messages

Create a clear and simple communication method


Arguments could be caused by misuse of the app

Cannot tackle concerns of neglect or child arrangement violations etc (not a substitute for legal support).

May discourage parents from speaking to each other face-to-face which children like to see (when productive).

Concerns around privacy for both the parents and the child if their schedule/details are on the app

Not necessarily needed if co-parents are able to communicate – extra hassle

Can be an unnecessary expense

Apps that are available

How can Hegarty Solicitors help?

Apps for co-parenting can be invaluable tools if they are appropriate for your situation. They can reduce conflict, create clearer channels of communication, and ensure that the child’s life remains as smooth as possible whatever parent they are with at the time. However, the apps cannot solve core disagreements or concerns about co-parenting your child.

If you are unable to resolve an issue, need more information on how to co-parent, or have concerns about your child’s welfare, contact one of our experienced family lawyers today.

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