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Have You Ever Heard of Love Home Swap?

PT Review: We had a look at website and were really impressed. Basically it does what it says in the title. You register, enter your own home location and where you are looking to travel to. The website then searches for suitable swaps, takes you to the location you want to go to and gives you a choice of available houses.

Have You Ever Heard of Love Home Swap?

Love Home Swap then tries to match you with somebody who is looking for the same in your home location. The website is easy to open with plenty of information, photos and reviews, including TrustPilot which is always reassuring. The quick guide is easy to understand and covers all the areas you might worry about with tips, advice and clear safety guidelines.

We think it’s a brilliant idea for families. The thought of finding or checking into a hotel especially with young children can be off putting. Having to be mindful of other guests, eating times, noise and being restricted to just one room/area can put pressure on everyone at a time that should be about relaxing and enjoyment. Whereas the opportunity of more space, home comforts and the flexibility of almost a ‘Home from Home’ would certainly be so much more appealing to me.

As well as the classic swap there is an option for a points swap. On Love Home Swap points are their swap for currency. This is a way of traveling without needing to match your plans with another member. This alternative is best for if you are traveling last minute or if you have a specific trip in mind. For example you can gain points for hosting even if you are not ready to swap. The points can then be saved for when you want to use them. Effectively they act as a type of currency and although there is a transaction fee, it’s a really good way of accumulating points to put towards maybe that trip of a lifetime or when you see the perfect location.

We had a look at two UK examples (Newquay and Scotland) and also one in Tuscany. The information was really helpful and easy to read. The house was described really well with lots of pictures, descriptions and location. The availability was easy to understand and there was lots of handy additional information on things to do in each area.

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