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Greenwich + Docklands International Festival 2022

London’s leading FREE outdoor Festival reveals its spectacular Opener SPARK and Full Programme today. Running from the 26 August - 11 September this festival brings the very best in Arts and Culture from around the world.

As many of us are facing the challenges around the cost of living crisis this award-winning 18 day event is a beacon for free, accessible and inclusive Arts and Culture for everyone with a programme of wonderous immersive art installations, theatre, circus acts and dance. I hope you can give this some coverage.

Here are a handful of things taking place at the festival which highlight what would be great for kids to enjoy!

Greenwich + Docklands International Festival 2022


· LOOK MUM NO HANDS uses a combination of theatre, movement and acrobatics. Two friends play and push the boundaries of what is possible, until together they find the perfect balance of each of their limits. This tender and unexpected story about friendship and growing up explores ideas of independence vs interdependence, vulnerability and strength, using striking and unforgettable physical imagery.

27 Aug, 1.45pm, 5pm. Greenwich Fair, Monument Gardens West Theatre, Circus

· BARRIERE Making a welcome return to Greenwich Fair, this talented Flemish circus company, also play the instruments as they perform. Combining street theatre, live music, circus and acrobatics, this playful and irreverent piece of street theatre invites you to enter a surreal world without barriers.

27 Aug, 1.55pm, 4.55pm. Greenwich Fair, King Charles Lawn Theatre, Circus

· OUT OF THE DEEP BLUE is a magical and interactive environmentally-themed adventure with Eko, the 13ft tall Sea Giant puppet who has emerged from the deep to transport audiences of all ages into another world.  Join the parade, then see what happens when Eko meets a young girl called Violet.

A story of connection and understanding told in two parts, first walk with Eko as he explores Greenwich, interacting with passersby before enjoying a physical theatre duet combining world class puppetry and contemporary dance.

27 Aug, 3pm, 5.20pm. Greenwich Fair, Cutty Sark Gardens Immersive Promenade Theatre

· B.V. NATUUR. The environment is in danger. Forests are on fire, ocean levels are rising but don’t worry, because the green fingered men from B.V. Natuur are on their way to save the day! Slapstick comedy and playful physical theatre from Flanders come together in this irreverent theatre piece that asks, can nature be repaired?  Using their crane-truck, Aat and Karel attempt to build a tree, version 2.0. Will they succeed or cause irreparable damage?

27 Aug, 1pm, 3.30pm, 4pm, 6.15pm. King Charles Lawn, Old Royal Naval College Physical Theatre


· FOLLOW ME by Be Flat are a Flemish circus act inviting audiences on an interactive parkour journey. Follow two ‘urban acrobats’ on a surprising and interactive journey through The Moorings Estate in Thamesmead. Parkour and playful acrobatics transform public squares and open spaces into stages, shops and subways to provide the scenery whilst you, the audience, will also need to play your part....

Audiences are asked to switch off smartphones and tie shoelaces properly!

28 - 29 Aug, 3pm. Thamesmead, The Moorings Estate


· THERE SHOULD BE UNICORNS Rules are made to be broken, so 11-year-old Jasmine is going to break them all. And be back in time for tea. Hip hop, dance and theatre collide in this new joyful outdoor musical for audiences of all ages. Join Jasmine on an adventure to make the world a better place, powered only by her imagination and a belief in unicorns. Come dressed as the superhero version of yourself and help Jasmine take on the bullies, villains and ideas that shape the world around her. Presented by theatre company Middle Child.

2 Sept, 1pm, 4.30pm. Abbey Wood Park Playground

3 Sept, 1pm, 4.30pm. Twinkle Park Deptford


· GEOPHONIC is where geology, sci-fi and music come together in a guided site responsive performance piece and sound walk at the Greenwich Peninsula by Gobbledegook Theatre. Discover the stories of the rocks beneath our feet and hear the sounds that shape our landscape. 

2 – 3 September
, 1pm + 3.30pm. The Jetty, Olympian Way, London SE10 0JF. Ticketed   
festival.orgImmersive Promenade Theatre

· THIS WOVEN O is part sculptural installation, part theatre arena, enter a magical circular sanctuary, woven entirely from willow. Disabled artist Oliver Macdonald’s exquisite artwork becomes the setting for a specially commissioned programme of accessible theatre and storytelling from Graeae, the UK’s leading disabled-led theatre company. Discover the transformative power of nature in a unique feast for the senses that will immerse you in reflections of the past, present and future.  Through spoken word, movement, and tactile interactions, alongside a beautiful soundscape, you’ll have the opportunity to move in a moon dance, touch butterfly wings and listen to wild secrets from the earth. All performances will be accessible with BSL description.

2 – 4 September, Installation, 12noon till 7.30pm. Performances: 1pm, 3.30pm and 6.30pm.Dial Arch Square, Woolwich
festival.orgImmersive Art Installation and Theatre#

· ISLAND FOAM: VERSION XVIII is the brainchild of German artist Stephanie Lüning who will transform Greenwich Peninsula with an outpouring of rainbow coloured foam. In this UK Premiere, marvel as this ephemeral installation is created live by the artist, growing, reproducing and constantly changing as it envelopes architectural features.

This sublime and entrancing transformation of public space explores the limits of painting as the artist selects and blends colours which take mountainous form and dimensions before the artwork finally disappears. 

2 – 3 Sept, 6pm. Greenwich Pennisula

festival.orgImmersive Art Installation

· RELAXERETTE is a mindful reinvention of a fairground ride in which audiences are invited to escape from the bustle of the city and spend a dreamy afternoon sinking into a magical merry-go-round of revolving hammocks while listening to a collection of sounds and stories and escape into a riveting rush of words. Conceived by Dutch artist Arjan Kruidhof.

6+ / minimum heigh 1.2m

9 – 10 Sep, 1-5pm. Rathbone Market, Canning Town

festival.orgImmersive Art Installation

· CROWD_CTRL is where Afro street moves collide with tech and visuals. Featuring a cast of afro-battle dance champions, fresh motion graphics on an LED wall and illustrations by graphic prodigy Wumzum, CROWD_CTRL is a dance & digital exploration styled into a live graphic novel – created by choreographer Malick Bright AKA AndroidX in collaboration with MHz scenography. This high-impact dance and digital experience is a highlight of this years On Your Doorstep programme which brings outdoor arts into the heart of local neighborhoods.  

10 -11 Sept,
 2.30pm, 4pm. Jubilee Plaza, Canary Wharf, as part of DANCING CITY

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