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Tonies give ten percent off for World Book Day 2022

World Book Day 2022

Many book stores are passionately promoting World Book Day and whilst trying to encourage reading with your little people, audio books are a good way to spark interest and inspiration with children in books. We found this offer for Tonies on their website. There are many ways to listen to audio books, and here are some of the products to market that are kid friendly:

  • Tonies box audio system for kids that plays stories and uses cute hand made characters 'Tonies' to bring the audio books to life.

  • Yoto - A Yoto player also plays a great array of audio stories, with funky cards that have the stories pre-recorded onto them.

  • Audible - Audible allows access to a wealth of pre-recorded stories, read aloud by a narrator. Access to adult and children stories.

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