The Stamford Arts Centre presents interactive storytelling with Kirsty from Rhubarb theatre.

In lockdown, it's really difficult to know what to do with our little ones. SO it's 'super' fantastic - if you can say that- to hear that Stamford Arts Centre are going to run interactive online storytelling sessions with Kirsty from

Rhubarb Theatre.

You can join Kirsty every Monday, and she’ll take your children on a magical journey. You’ll be acting out characters, building boats and planes and there’s even an opportunity for linking craft.

PT would say this is aimed at the little ones - around about 0-5 year olds - although I am sure some 6 year olds would enjoy too!

Join the Stamford Arts Centre, every Monday at 10.30am on our facebook page for a bagful of fun!

For more information

PT Comment:

Our 2.5 year old watched the Goldilocks video, and loved it - he was mesmerised!

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