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The little jar of positivity!

By, Sarah Beresford

We're writing articles for the next Parent Time magazine which is due out October Half Term. One of our features really looks at the positive things coming out of lockdown - are there any, I hear you cry! But you'd be surprised, there are and thank goodness. We all need a little ray of sunshine.

One thing I thought was a lovely quote from one of the parents we interviewed was about a jar of positivity...oh yes, something we can do that may make us feel that 'wee' bit better about things.

“We’ve started a ‘Positivity Jar’. Every day we write on a bit of paper something really

positive that's happened and pop it in the jar – seeing that fill up has been a really good


What a great idea! I know we'll be trying this. It reminds me a little of my grandma's habit of saving money in a hollowed out book of Charle's Dickens Great Expectations. But whatever makes you realise the good things in life, and appreciate them has to be worth a go.

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