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Take a walk on the wild side - environmental charity, Action for Conservation, launch WildWeb

Youth environmental charity Action for Conservation - who last year pioneered the world’s largest youth-led conservation project - have recently launched WildWEB: a revolutionary digital action programme designed to equip the next generation of environmental leaders with the tools and knowledge to lead a ‘green recovery’ from the COVID crisis. The programme is accessed from home and for free. 

Between June and September the programme will aim to deliver over 8,000 hours of original content to support and inspire 13-17 year olds around the world. The programme will equip young people with effective responses to climate and ecological challenges, and help them use lockdown to learn, network and prepare to drive a green revolution.

In a survey of the initial WildWEB cohort, 67% of young people agreed that the COVID pandemic has made them care more about environmental issues; and 100% agreed that when it comes to the school curriculum, there should be more teaching about environmental issues. 

Robert Macfarlane, renowned environmental writer, campaigner and supporter of the initiative, said: 

"WildWEB is an amazing initiative: a weaving-together of environmental education, communication and action for and by young people, at a crucial time for the future of nature in Britain and beyond. The COVID crisis is a catastrophe -- but also an opportunity to build back better, greener systems, from farmland to forests to cities. WildWEB gives young people the means and the knowledge to add their voices to the shaping of this response." 

Each young person will have the opportunity to experience 65 hours of content and activities per month. With children expected to learn from home for the foreseeable future, Action for Conservation is encouraging participants from around the world to tune in, share ideas and find creative solutions to real-world problems. 

Kate Stockings, Head of Geography at Hampstead School, London, comments:

“With the incredible changes brought about by Covid-19, there has arguably never been a more important time for programmes like WildWEB. All of us have come to realise the benefits of slowing down, spending more time outdoors and noticing the nature all about us. But, how will we keep this up when 'normality' returns and how will we remember the lessons learnt during lockdown? This is where WildWEB comes in and will be so powerful for students - the topical monthly themes will force them to think, reflect and take action regarding some of the biggest challenges facing us as a society. I can't wait to hear how our students get on with the programme and what they learn - this will undoubtedly be something significant to build upon when we return to school!”

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