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Snuggle up, and get cosy!

Words: Rebecca Hughes, Baba of Mine

Picture: Storage bags also available: Baba of Mine, Oakham

The Danish word Hygge is now a well-known term, denoting ‘a moment that one feels cosy, special and acknowledges that this is a charming moment in their life’. The Danish have long been considered as one of the leading nations in making their homes feel welcoming, inviting and a safe haven to lock away the outside and encourage ‘hygge’ moments with loved ones.

Creating a cosy space that will gently coerce your toddler to relax can be paramount in encouraging good quality sleep (to induce their cognitive and physical development). If they feel safe and comfortable in their space, this will evoke feelings of contentment giving positive reinforcement to explore, learn and be confident in themselves.

We’ve taken inspiration from the ‘hygge’ way of living and come up with a few ideas to make your toddler’s bedroom a uber cosy safe haven:

Colour Palette

Scandi design isn’t all about whites, off whites and greys, there is far more scope to introduce colour and still achieve that tranquil cosy ‘hygge’ feel. Muted dusty pinks or greys with undertones of blue give a serene backdrop, add accents of mustards, teal, and apricot to give that pop of colour. This design sphere also takes inspiration from the colours of nature, so sandy coloured tones work well and incorporating black or a very deep grey detailing, reminiscent of dark sea-worn pebbles, that will really complement your design and give the room definition and stop it looking too ‘flat’.


The adage ‘tidy space, tidy mind’ is worth bearing in mind, your child needs to see and appreciate what they have to read, learn and play with. Easier said than done, I hear you scream.

Try carefully editing their most beloved soft toys, books and precious toys (such as the wooden toys) in their room and if the collection left is still rather too large, then store away a few toys and rotate on a regular basis. Storage is key, clever storage makes tidying up for you and for your child much easier. We love the Fabelab storage bags sold locally in Baba of Mine Oakham and Olli Ella’s range of lovely rattan Luggy baskets, baskets, and mini suitcases.


Introduce texture to ensure their bedroom is inviting ‘like a big hug. Soft, faux fur is high on the list, throws, cushions. Also, use natural materials such as Rattan furniture, to add a laid back bohemian look whilst adding a textural dimension to bring layers of interest to the room. For that truly Scandi feel, bring in a touch of the outdoors: succulents are a sweet addition to a child’s room.


Incorporate additional garland or fairy lights that can be switched on and magically twinkle during dark days and at night time when the ‘big’ light goes off.

Create a cosy corner in their room.

If you’re on a budget, simply throw a blanket or play mat on the floor and add some narrow bookshelves and prints at eye level (when seated) to create an enveloping snug area. If you have a little more room and larger budget, a tepee in the corner of a bedroom covered with twinkling lights is such an inviting haven. The use of canopy in the corner of the room or over the bed again makes for a charming den for your little one to hide way in!

Creating memories

Hygge is not just about creating a space, it’s about enjoying those ‘charming, special, and cosy’ moments in life. It’s about being surrounded by the people we love, by your treasured possessions and keepsakes. Enjoy the little pockets of special time together, ‘hygge’ down and be present.

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