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Never alone but often lonely

A new study reveals how new mums need more than social media ‘likes’ to feel supported

(photo: Unsplash; Kelly Sikkema)

So new research from Maltesers® has explored the impact social media has on mums’ mental health, revealing that a third of first-time mums admitted to only sharing positive posts on social media about parenthood.

While almost two-thirds of mums in the survey believe the content that other mums chose to post online doesn’t reflect the reality of how they are feeling or coping.hmmm...sound familiar, I know I'm guilty of this, posting just the positive stuff.

I think the most revealing part of the study of 1,000 UK mums (which included those who had their child in the past five years) is that almost half admitted to using social media as a distraction from feeling lonely during their first year as a parent. In fact, 44 per cent couldn’t help but compare themselves to other mums on Facebook and Instagram.

The survey shines a light on what also happens behind the phone screen, with new mums finding the first year of their baby’s life more tiring, stressful, and chaotic than they’d ever expected. Some of the biggest challenges identified included a lack of sleep, constant worrying and trying to live up to expectations.

Other challenges during the first year were feeling a loss of identity, realising time is no longer their own and feeling disconnected from friends.

Speaking about the campaign, Ellie Taylor, comedian, and mother said:

Baby photos are gorgeous and it’s easy to feel that ‘liking’ them online is a supportive thing to do but behind that photo could be an exhausted and sometimes lonely new mum who needs a bit more love.

That’s why I’m proud to stand with Maltesers® for the #LoveBeatsLikes campaign to call on the friends and family of those weary eyed new mamas to show up and show some love.”

[Maltesers® 's #LoveBeatsLikes, is a new social media campaign highlighting how mums need their networks to show up and show some love, not just give them “likes” on social media Join the conversation with #LoveBeatsLikes]

In addition, the #LoveBeatsLikes campaign, Maltesers® has partnered with Comic Relief for a multi-year partnership. Money donated by Maltesers® will fund projects aimed at supporting women’s mental health and empowerment journeys. For more information, visit for more information on where to find help.

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