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Let your kids become nature detectives - apps, and facts

(Photo: markus-spikse _unsplash)

As parents we would like our children to enjoy the woodlands and nature around us, it's a great thing to do during the summer holidays, and it's free (for the most part!). But it's difficult if you are not an expert.

Not to worry though, as help is at hand, for those wanting a stroll in the woods and to encourage your kids to get involved with nature, there are loads of nature apps you can use to help give the best 'gen'... for example Seek:

Seek enables you to tap into a bank of nature knowledge, the child can earn badges for seeing different types of birds, amphibians, plants, fungi and they can have a go at observation challenges on the app.

Other apps include, the Woodland Trusts' British Tree app

and the Wild Time Fieldwork app which outlines a number of great activities for kids to do in the wild.

For some amazing organised outdoor adventures, try companies like Tinder sticks Whilst it has been lockdown, Tinder sticks have produced these lovely outdoor help sheets below - this one is great to print off/take with you on your mobile and learn the clues and signs that animals leave behind.

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