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Fun things to do over the half term holiday - 1 idea per day

Holidays are difficult when you can't go anywhere...Well, at least that's what I think. I have decided each day over this half term holiday, to have a theme, so the little ones can focus their mind son something fun to do. Today it's Castle and Kings and Queens. Here are some of the ideas for this theme!

Castle and Kings, Queens, and Knights!

Write your own castle poem or story

Make an Origami Sword - there are several Youtube videos on this.

Make a castle model from a cardboard box and Castle puppets of people you and things you would expect to find inside castles

Draw a shield and coat of arms or do a collage shield

Learn about the part parts of castle

Build castle in lego or play dough

Learn the Old King Cole poem

Dress up as a king or a queen - and create a play with/without a stage set (depending on how adventurous you are feeling!)

Make a fairy cake

Watch Zog, and draw Princess Pearl or Gadabout

Talk about castles near you, or castles you would like to visit and draw postcards of them, and write to your friends

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