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From The Mouth Of Babes: How My Eco-Conscious Son Helped Me Start My Six Figure Business.

Three years ago, Kate Tilbury, 42 from Surrey, was asked by her son one bath time “why are we still using plastic bottles in the bathroom?” Touched by his concern for the environment, Kate set about looking for alternatives and couldn’t find any suitable in the shops. After experimenting at home with a successful DIY version, Kate believed so much in the vision for this product that she spent £5,000 on a small production run of a shampoo bar prototype designed specifically for kids.

It was then that native Canadian Kate decided to ask her sister-in-law and Montreal resident, Anne Marie Wright to join her new business venture at a family reunion in Canada in August 2019. Anne Marie’s background in marketing was the ultimate ally to Kate’s sales and strategy experience so Kate was delighted when she agreed to come onboard. The 3,500 mile distance did not bother them and has not impacted the business, Rowdy Kind, which now has a six turnover figure and meant that 25,000 plastic bottles saved as a result of their eco-friendly solution.

Kate said: “I have so many parents saying they have come to us after their kids have questioned the eco credentials of their shampoo or other skincare products. It’s so humbling to know our children are switched on when it comes to the climate crisis, and we want to do everything we can to try and build this brighter future for them and provide the right products to get there.” Rowdy Kind is available at:

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