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Fitness influencers make thousands per post - check out this recent research

I'll think you'll agree, being an influencer has its rewards. Here are findings from some recent research into top influencers within the fitness celeb arena, supplied by Fitness and exercise machine suppliers OnBuy and it's astounding.

The most popular fitness influencer is Joe Wicks also known as The Body Coach, with 4.1 million Instagram followers. The Body Coach has taken the fitness and nutrition industry by storm with his world-famous 15-minute meals and 90 Day Plan. Joe has 14 books, a Youtube channel with 2.78 million subscribers and an app where he shares exclusive live workouts and meal plans. On Instagram Joe can earn £10,139 per Instagram post.

Tom Daley is the second most popular influencer on the list with 3.5 million followers. Tom Daley is a British diver and television personality and can earn £8,500 per Instagram post. Specialising in multiple events, he is an Olympic gold medallist in the men's synchronised, with 4 gold medals.

Lucy Mecklenburgh is the third most popular fitness influencer with 1.7 million followers and can earn a staggering £4,214 on Instagram. The star recently announced her second pregnancy with star Ryan Thomas. Originally rising to fame on The Only Way Is Essex, Lucy has gone on to become one of the most popular Instagram fitness influencers in the UK. Making her mark in the fitness and nutrition industry, Lucy is the proud owner and CEO of one of the UK’s leading online fitness platforms ‘Results Wellness Lifestyle’. Lucy also has two fitness books and regularly shares fitness routines on Instagram.

Gemma Atkinson is an English actress, radio presenter and former glamour model with 1.7 million Instagram followers. Gemma has her own gym clothing range and is the author of ‘The Ultimate Body Plan’, helping others to achieve their fitness goals. Gemma often posts simple and easy to follow workout videos and proves that parents can still find the time to exercise.

Presenter Davina McCall has several exercise and fitness DVD’s as well as a Youtube channel with 42.5k subscribers where she shares regular fitness workouts. Davina shares a variety of at-home workout routines as well as videos to motivate her 1.4 million followers and can earn £3,537.42 per post. Davina is also the owner of ‘Own Your Goals Davina’, an online gym providing access to a workout and meal planner as well as recipes and a range of online classes.

This research is kindly supplied to ParentTime from OnBuy. They took a seedlist of UK fitness influencers and used Influencer Marketing Hub to work out how much the top fitness influencers are earning on Instagram.

*Please note, that whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the content provided by third parties, the publisher Parent Time ltd shall not be held responsible in any way for inaccuracies or omissions. The opinions of those expressed on this website are not necessarily those of Parent Time ltd.
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