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Emma Bunton reveals how her family has set digital boundaries during the pandemic.

Digital Parenting Ambassador for Vodafone and solo artist, radio presenter, and Spice Girl, Emma Bunton, today appears on the Honestly podcast with Clemmie Telford.

She reveals that setting online boundaries, tech-free weekdays and open conversations about TikTok have helped her family navigate the digital world during the pandemic.

In the special podcast, recorded remotely, Emma gives an insight into how she balances her family’s digital habits. She explains how they regularly sit down together as a family to discuss what they are doing online, the content they watch and how she sets clear boundaries, such as no phones at the dinner table or video games Monday to Thursday, and keeps the social media accounts of her two children Beau (13) and Tate (8) private. She also discusses how she and husband, Jade Jones, are mindful of their own technology use and the importance of monitoring the content they share, so as to be good digital role models.

The episode also includes advice for parents from digital experts Charlotte and Emma Robertson on topics such as online privacy, content awareness and setting sensible boundaries. Charlotte and Emma also provide top tips for finding the right screen time balance during lockdown and offer advice on ‘sharenting’ - the overuse of social media by parents, including sharing content of their children.

Also useful is a free resource, Vodafone’s Digital Parenting that helps families have positive conversations about a wide range of technology topics.

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