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Eight year old designs rainbow specs -very Elton!

PT loves these rainbow specs designed by eight year old Loa.

Leading spectacles manufacturer Cubitts recently announced the winner of their 'Founder's Choice Frame Design Award' as eight-year-old Loa, who designed a Hi Rainbow frame.

⁠A veritable feast of acetate shades and fluffy cloud shapes, complete with custom sky blue lenses, pinned hinges, and personalised gold engraving on the inside arm, Loa's frame was certainly an engineering feat. ⁠  

There were three winners of the competition. The rainbow frame was chosen by founder Tom as he liked it so much, and another quite timely entry based on Hockney's 'Do remember they can't cancel the spring' artwork was chosen via a poll on our social, as well as another winner who Cubitt's Head of Studio chose. Winners received their frame designed and fully made up.

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