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Draw With Katie – Katie Cardew launches new 6 week workshop/club for kids

This kids club offered by artist Katie Cardew, sounds just so exciting. To be honest, when I heard about it, I thought "Yay, great for kids, but I'd like a go too!". Anyway, for anyone looking for something interesting for the summer hols, this may help!

Katie's kids workshop is is a 50-page A3 book, broken down into 6 weeks worth of drawing exercises, interactive pages and plenty of sketching paper. Each week has a different theme and includes a fun drawing exercise to help with skills and confidence, followed by a step-by-step tutorial and then an interactive task and a self-led challenge to finish off! Katie recommends doing it over 6 weeks but it can be spread it out or if your child is super keen, they can do it quicker.

It's a lovely idea aimed to get children drawing confidently, letting their creative energies flow, and developing new skills and their own styles. It's works for children aged 6-13. Also, by joining the club, your child will become a kids club members, and receive a newsletter. Children will be able to send Katie their work over the summer for feedback and to share via the newsletter, where she will be able to answer questions and give extra tips.

This sounds like a great plan to help structure some creative time for kids in holiday! Examples of the illustrations, and exercises are below.


  • 6 weeks of drawing exercises,

  • Fun challenges

  • Beautifully illustrated how-to's

  • Interactive task

  • Member newsletter

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