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Don't 'pee' yourself laughing - exercise your pelvic floor.

Yep, we all know some of the common side effects of having a weak pelvic floor...peeing when you cough or sneeze, skip, and even laugh. But there's so much more...

A weak pelvic floor can cause poor core muscle strength and lead to pain being experienced in areas such as the back, bowel, and bladder.

That's why is it so important to look after your pelvic floor after having a baby.

Expert, Charlotte Smith from Excellence Physio, Oakham, talks about the importance of your pelvic floor in the video below.

Charlotte is a physiotherapist that has a special interest in fitness and is passionate about enabling people to live well, move well, and increase their body awareness; she's also a fully certified APPI Pilates Instructor.

For common questions about your pelvic floor and exercises, you can also refer to the NHS page:

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