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Aye Aye Captain! Salute you, Captain Fantastic.

Words: Sarah Beresford

With the tricky circumstances that Lockdown has presented, you can't help thinking 'wow' when you speak to entrepreneurs like Tommy Balaam Director of children's entertainment company Captain Fantastic.

Tommy is an actor by trade and set up Captain Fantastic to fill in the gaps of work. Before lockdown, he had a successful business running kids parties, but all that had to change as people had to stay in their homes and not socialise. The 200 parties he ran went to zero overnight!

But not put off by this, Tommy launched online parties and now runs 400 online parties per month! Depending on the length of time, the parties cost around £75 on average. Tommy says "Kids still have birthdays, and they can still celebrate with their families - and the nice thing about them is they can invite friends from further away, that they perhaps wouldn't have done before."

He continues " We also offer virtual invites, virtual party bags - that have a range of video challenges, printouts and online games." The online parties have proved incredibly popular, with their themes, ranging from princess parties, superhero, to budding scientist, and little pirate parties. They are full of magic, music and games. Tommy also looked at ways to support new families and offer a schedule of online toddler groups that have proved equally as successful.

In these difficult times, it's always great to hear good news for businesses, and to hear of businesses adapting to what has been termed 'new normal'.

For further information about Captain Fantastic's new online parties for kids, look at the website:

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