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1-1 postnatal support for parents

Postnatal support is so important for parents, and with the pandemic, the usual network has not been there for parents to lean on. Life has been tricky - and tiring, putting it mildly! Luckily things are opening up and classes are being offered. I am hearing increasingly about new post natal classes.

Take Bryony, a mum of three children and a qualified primary school teacher. Bryony now runs a The Postnatal Nanny company in Stamford, Rutland, & Cambridgeshire area, offering 1:1 postnatal support at home for new parents. Bryony also provides breastfeeding appointments, birth recovery support and bespoke parenting support plans (for example if a family is struggling with toddler sleep, potty training or behaviour we create a plan and work together to find a solution.)

It's this kind of help that mums and dads vitally need, it's so hard to know where to go for advice and it's welcome that businesses like this are now opening and offering classes and support plans for parent. Bryony works with parents from pregnancy until their children start school, these are critical, formative years which can also put a lot of strain on families if things aren't always going as expected. Bryony is running a series of workshops (which will be advertised on her website page from next week) in June and July at The Mill Wellbeing & Birth Centre in Duddington. For information or @thepostnatalnanny (Facebook and Instagram)

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