Buggyfit - builds your strength and fitness

For new mums, finding the time and the will to do exercise can be difficult. This is where Buggyfit really ‘fits’ in. It is an hour-long outdoor fitness class designed to help give mums postnatal exercise.

Buggyfit - builds your strength and fitness

Locally, classes are run by Charly Newton, owner of C.A.N DO FAMILY FITNESS, who was previously an experienced nanny, qualified in Sports and Exercise at uni, and is a qualified Pilates instructor as well as now running Buggyfit. 

Charly highlights the major benefits of Buggyfit “Buggyfit is all outdoor based. The benefits of working outdoors are immeasurable. You’ll get the sunshine even in the shorter winter days. Fresh air is good for you, it’s so good for the immune system, good for your body, and good for vitamin D. 

“The exercise helps to release endorphins which gives you a feeling of wellness. And you get to be with other mums as well, which is really important. It’s all socially distanced and the space I give you is bigger than the government and the sport governing bodies have suggested. I am happy it feels safe, and the feedback from the mums say it feels safe.”

 And don’t be worried that the classes attract superfit, superhero parents, they are adaptable so that mums and dads of all fitness levels can join in. There’s a misconception that Buggyfit is about running with prams, but it’s so much more. Buggyfit is key to strengthening your core muscles, it’s a way to look after your all-important pelvic floor, and lower back muscles. 

Charly helpfully runs you through how to look out for abdominal separation, so you can return back to your own exercise routine - start running and that HIIT class that you did before pregnancy! 

Buggyfit is run in three locations: 

Stamford Thursdays 10.30 

Peterborough Orton - 10.30 Monday, Central Park 10.45 -Wednesday, and Eye 10.30 Friday. 

Bourne Tuesdays 10.30 

Charly also runs online Pilates, and cardio classes in the evenings which you can do after work or after you’ve put the kids to bed, at 8.00 pm, and is also launching online pregnancy exercise classes in October. 

All classes are £5.00 if you block book, £6.50 if you pay as you go. You can book www.candofamilyfitness.co.uk or e: info@candofamilyfitness.co.uk t: 07976 471177