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The Little Lane Nursery is a boutique nursery providing childcare for children between the ages of six weeks and five years old.

Conveniently located in Silver Lane, in the centre of Stamford, the Ofsted-registered nursery won the Stamford Mercury New Business Start-up Award in 2017.

Proprietor Victoria Banfield and Nursery Manager Emma Altham are passionate about childcare and dedicated to creating a safe and happy environment in which every child can achieve their full potential by developing confidence, creativity and a lifelong love of learning - regardless of their ability or background.

Victoria and Emma took a break from their busy schedule to tell Parent Time what makes the nursery so special.

Little Lane_PRESCHOOL.jpeg

Starting Reception is a huge step for your child.  It is a lovely time but also it can be daunting for the parents as much as the child. Personally, I felt I didn’t really understand what was expected of
parents and that I didn’t know the right questions to ask the school ‘I didn’t know, what I didn’t know, so how would I know to ask it’.  If that makes sense! 


Reception teacher, Becki Walker from St Mary and St John Primary School gives some useful pointers about what to expect and look out for in Reception year.

Art Class
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